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BearPlex Unveils Its New Logo: Say Goodbye to the Bear

The BearPlex team is excited to finally unveil their new logo and identity. The rebranding process began in 2020, with the goal of providing a more clarity that captures the essence of what makes BearPlex so special. We sought feedback from our staff, visitors, and partners for over a year before choosing this final design!

Our old logo had a bear in it with geometrical shapes which reflected technology but it didn’t communicate our values properly. And the presence of bear inside the logo had no correlation to our company or what we do.

To innovate with the. market; we felt it was the right time to debrand our logo. That’s what Dunkin Donuts, Shell, Starbucks, Uber, KIA and a lot more companies did.

So, after lots of thought and consideration, we revamped our logo to reflect simplicity and clarity. Because BearPlex has been working on different products lately and is launching a few more companies in the near future, it was the high time we stepped up in our effort to be clearer about our brand.

The new logo is a symbol of the company’s core values, like simplicity and clarity in design. The logo has been simplified with just two colors: blue for reliability & black for sophistication – both qualities that you can find at BearPlex!

Here is a look into the decisions we made to design our company brand.

A collaborative Process

We found that the process of building products is a lot like how we build our company. With this in mind, it was important to us that every step- from learning and understanding one another to designing together- reflected what makes our brand so unique. We went through listening tours with employees , our shareholders and our clients and then brought everyone together for ideation sessions where they could share their ideas freely among each other, strategically combining three creative territories into one final concept, inspired by potential of people when they brainstorm together.

Design Behaviours

In the process of revising our brand system, three foundational design behaviors became apparent.

  • Clarity: a brand that simplifies and builds understanding
  • Empathy: a system that is respectful of context and environment
  • Negative Space: design element that gives room to be creative & clean

The Wordmark

Today, when people hear “BearPlex” they think of the bear. This posed a unique design challenge. We needed the wordmark to establish distinction from the bear & a software innovation company; but then we also had to carry our bear along which is a part of us now. The new brand system uses custom typography deigned by Radomir Tinkov (a Bulgarian typeface designer) & geometrical rounded corners; close to what Google did with their typeface (Yes, we got some inspiration from them too).

The new wordmark is designed with clarity and openness in mind. It’s built on a stable structure of consistent stroke width, harmonized letters, and horizontal emphasis.

The wordmark has a star on top, which has a bear’s face cut incorporated inside it; the last remnant of our old logo. The wordmark condenses into a star monogram in small spaces. This monogram builds on existing design theme: the bear inside the star distinguish it from a regular star so at a glance people know what the monogram is for.

An empathetic color palette

Instead of the company owning a single color, we designed the brand to be responsive to its context and environment. This system allows the wordmark to take on the color of our individual brands, creating a clearer relationship between the company and the products we build.

We wanted the brand to connect thoughtfully with the world and the people in it. The dynamic color system does this by taking on the color of its environment.

Art Direction

The brand comes to life in the context of people, technology & innovation. The art direction is designed to capture the people & technology and express innovation when they can come together.

Moving forward

We continue to be inspired by the communities and people who use our products every day. The brand system was born out of a commitment to be clear, empathetic and disrupt the industry with innovation. As the company continues to evolve, we hope this brand can help us better communicate the progress we’re making.