Welcome to Green Valley Wellness!

Green Valley Wellness is dedicated to assisting patients in obtaining their legal authorization through the  Access To Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). We assist our patients to be able to improve their quality of life by consulting about different  holistic medicines and making healthier life choices.


Awesome.. Caring and understanding when no one else would listen. Thank you guys!

— Rosa

Jeff Gomierato  President

Jeff believes in the power of healing both mentally and physically through medical cannabis and other natural holistic medicines. A strong leader and proven life coach, Jeff is dedicated to helping patients.

Marko Ivancicevic  Vice President

Marko Ivancicevic has been a front-line advocate for the rights of medical cannabis patients and for the legalization of cannabis since 2003. He has been involved with several drug policy organizations and Political Parties over the years. Marko dedicates his time towards networking, events, political activism and educating the public about the benefits of medical cannabis as well as the legalization of cannabis.

Kansen Franco CFO

A well rounded business man that has a great amount of knowledge in this industry. Patient and success driven, Franco is dedicated to the patients